“I worked with Rich Zeoli to create and refine my critical remarks for my 1000 person Annual Meeting. He honed the messaging, chose the perfect words, and then coached me on my delivery style. I was good when we started. Working with Rich made my performance great. Now I engage Rich every year to ensure another successful speech.”

Robert Trojan, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Finance Association

“When I got the news I was selected a CNN hero for co-founding our non-profit Rising Tide Capital, it was a shocker. Then came the media interview requests including with the iconic Larry King and many others. I was in awe but also terribly nervous about how to represent my organization’s mission well on television when I had very limited or no media experience. I called a friend who connected me to Rich Zeoli. Rich was able to show up with a camera, tools to simulate the experience of being on television and his years of experience coaching people like me to craft a succinct message and deliver it with confidence. Most importantly, he was able to very quickly transition me from the basics of getting my message out to doing it with the kind of authenticity that could compel a mass media audience to relate to and respond to my message. Rich was a true gift to our non-profit. If it wasn’t for him, we could have easily lost the massive opportunity to connect well with hundreds of millions. In this day, the life span of these media opportunities are often extended by their ongoing presence on the internet for a long time to come. So, if you are nervous and make a mistake, you and your organization could be stuck with it for a long time to come! If it wasn’t for Rich’s invaluable service, we might have lost out not only a once in a life time opportunity but also the ongoing presence of these media presentations online. I can’t recommend Rich enough! He is the first person we turn to when we have any kind of public speaking opportunities or client entrepreneurs who are in need of help with presentation and pitching skills! Thanks for what you do Rich!”

-Alfa Demmellash, CEO, Rising Tide Capital 

“Our company provides technical consulting services across diverse and broad-based market sectors. We called on Rich Zeoli to help us consolidate our message, and improve upon the delivery of that message, amongst the company’s management and marketing team. Rich helped us achieve that goal by first gaining an understanding of our business model and then working with us in a structured manner that was both enjoyable and highly effective. We will continue to look to Rich Zeoli for communication training at every level within our company. I recommend that you do the same.”

James F. Steere III, Executive Vice President, Medina Consultants

“In my career, as a finance guy, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to witness many, many talented communicators who also understood the value of a brand ­ through development, management, marketing and effective communications. Rich has the talent and skill to help a business owner or manager to develop and deliver their message to establish and maintain their brand ­ the lifeblood of any successful company.”

Steven V. Oroho, Former Senior Vice President of Finance for Young & Rubicam

“Rich played an integral role in my communications effort during NJ’s response to 9/11.”

Former New Jersey Governor Donald T. DiFrancesco

“For message delivery and development, Rich Zeoli has tremendous instinct and exceptional teaching ability.”

Jordan S. Lieberman, Publisher, Campaigns & Elections magazine

“If you need to learn how to stay focused and on track with your message, speak to Rich Zeoli. You will never look and sound better. Success is one meeting away.”

Glenn Marthens, President and CEO, Milton Terry, Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Richard Zeoli speak on a number of occasions, in front of large audiences as well as impromptu gatherings. In all cases, he is a dynamic, engaging and highly charismatic speaker. He has a way of really connecting with his audience and making his topic “come alive.” He truly understands the dynamics of effective communications and is able to teach and coach others in the skill of “media training” public speaking. I would recommend Richard unequivocally and without reservation to any group or individual looking to take their communication skills to a whole new level!”

Deborah E. Bifulco, President, Bifulco Business Solutions

“Richard Zeoli Communications has literally helped every member of our firm make stronger, more crisp presentations. The drills and exercises are tremendously valuable at bringing out one’s strengths as a presenter and eliminating the things that distract one’s audience from the core message. RZC has been incredibly valuable to us.”

Matthew Barnes, Partner, ASG Advisors – Strategic Philanthropy

“When we asked Richard Zeoli to speak at the groundbreaking for our multi-million dollar hotel, the Grand Cascades Lodge, we knew it was a critical day in our company’s history as it was our largest project to date. In the audience were influential investors, political leaders, and members of the media, and we needed a message that would seal the event in their memories in a positive way. Rich gave a memorable and inspiring address that day that perfectly captured the essence of what this project meant to us and what it would mean to the community. He effectively conveyed the message that we wanted to share and leave with our audience. I would enthusiastically recommend Richard’s services and look forward to having him back to speak at a future event.”

Andrew J. Mulvihill, President, Crystal Springs Resort

Praise for The 7 Principles of Public Speaking: Proven Methods from a PR Professional

Zeoli is founder and president of a communications firm specializing in executive-level communication coaching and strategic management; his clients have included governors, members of Congress, and Fortune 500 executives. In this text, he offers a straightforward guide to public speaking to help general readers improve their skills regardless of their level of experience. Combining explanatory information, step-by-step instructions, and worksheets, Zeoli discusses the power of communication and offers readers a new paradigm of public speaking based on timeless principles rather than flashy techniques and gimmicks. He explains several key principles and how they can be applied to create successful presentations and have a direct impact on a person’s mental, emotional, vocational, and financial destiny.

-Annotation #169;2009 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended, December 18, 2008 By H. Grizzle (London, UK)

I don’t give speeches to large crowds, but I do need to communicate effectively with clients and prospective clients in meetings and pitch conversations. Zeoli’s expertise has really helped streamline my communication and make it more effective for reaching my target audience – even, and especially, when that is an audience of one or two. He has an incredible gift for recognizing subtle opportunities to improve and also giving small yet concrete steps to achieve that aim. I cannot recommend his work highly enough – for anyone who regularly talks to clients or a boss or even a friend, this book can help.

5.0 out of 5 stars Goal!, November 23, 2008 By Kathleen T. Ruddy “Artemesia” (Madison, New Jerey)

This book crosses the finish line in first place. It is exceptionally well written, simple, direct and extremely helpful. Zeoli captures the essence of public speaking and shares it with the reader in a way that is easy to understand and reproduce. I put his suggestions to the test the week after I first read the book – at meetings on Capitol Hill and at the State Department. Both experiences were far more successful with Zeoli’s guiding principles fresh in my mind than if I had just tried to “do my best.”


5.0 out of 5 stars Everyone will benefit from reading this book!, February 9, 2009 By John Z. Nittolo (Sparta, NJ United States)

Many books are written about public speaking, yet none have offered as clear a message as Richard Zeoli’s. There is not a day that goes by that you do not speak publicly, and this book addresses the keys to effective communication for people in every situation. The section on “You are on the Moon; the audience is at Mission Control” is worth the cost of the book by itself.