TV Techniques

It’s More Than What You Say!

“Lights, Camera, Action!” Fine preparation for an actor, but as a business professional, you may not have the luxury of even this much advance notice. Are you ready to face the baring eye of the TV camera…anytime and anywhere?

In TV Techniques, professional speaker and media trainer Richard Zeoli teaches the must-know principles of successfully meeting and conquering the communications giant of television. Using true-life examples drawn from years of consulting business and political leaders at the highest levels, Richard will unravel the proven methods of message control and authoritative imagining – whether your TV appearance is prescheduled or you find yourself unexpectedly staring in the face of a camera as you walk out of your office.

Through TV Techniques, you will be prepared to handle any mode of on-screen media, including:

  • Press conferences
  • Newscast guest appearances
  • On-air panel discussions
  • Live and pre-taped interview formats
  • Unplanned press interviews

And you will learn:

  • How to interact in a one-on-one interview setting
  • How to approach a town-hall situation
  • How to interact with the host to get him or her on your side
  • How to handle tough questions

Covering everything from word choice and facial expression to body language and wardrobe selection, TV Techniques is a comprehensive training and preparation program that is vital to any professional who wants to consistently come out on top of every TV media interview.

Handling the press can be a daunting prospect for even the most seasoned communications professional. But with TV Techniques, you will learn the top secrets of the trade and increase your confidence level to the point where YOU drive every interview, rather than have the interview drive you.

Television is little more than “telling-a-vision,” and TV Techniques will equip you to do this with confidence and authority as a leader in your profession.

Richard Zeoli has appeared on national television and radio news programs such as ABC news Nightline, C-Span Washington Journal, MSNBC, National Public Radio, and New York City, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. news affiliates. He has given print interviews to major publications including the NY Times, the Washington Post, Congressional Quarterly Researcher, and the Newark Star Ledger. He has worked major candidates for federal and statewide office, key elected officials, and prominent business leaders to help them prepare for television, radio, and print interviews. He played a role in the post 9/11 communications effort in the office of former New Jersey Governor Donald T. DiFrancesco.