Public Speaking Training


If you have ever experienced the overwhelming fear of addressing an audience, you may believe that no amount of public speaking training can transform you into an effective – let alone confident and compelling – public speaker. Yet, for leaders across industry sectors as well as for individuals aspiring to positions of leadership, public speaking skills are essential to success.

Throughout more than ten years of communications coaching, Richard Zeoli has trained a countless number of individuals just like you in the art and science of dynamic public speaking. He has presented his public speaking trainings to prominent leaders ranging from New York corporate executives to Washington high-level government personnel. And from state and national elected officials and candidates for U.S. Senate to non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 100 executives, clients who have taken advantage of Richard’s customized courses in public speaking have gained confidence, skill, and the priceless ability to communicate effectively with their audiences.

Technical and Psychological Aspects of Public Speaking


Because dynamic public speaking involves far more than “surviving” a speech and conveying information, RZC Impact’s public speaking training encompasses both the technical and psychological aspects of public speaking and includes:

  • Identifying current strengths and weaknesses
  • Handling pre-speech nerves
  • Analyzing and improving speech performance
  • Defining messages
  • Connecting with audiences
  • And more

Time-Tested Public Speaking Training

Drawing from his own successes – and failures – giving hundreds of speeches to audiences ranging in size from 5 to 5,000, Richard teaches the fundamental principles that helped transform him from a timid public speaker into one of today’s leading public speaking trainers and coaches.

All training is fully confidential, and Richard personally designs and leads all sessions, which can be delivered either in RZC Impact’s offices or at the client’s location.