Presentation Skills Training


Whether you are presenting a message to shareholders, holding executive management meetings, motivating a sales force, or sharing your corporate vision and mission with potential investors, proper presentation skills training is essential.

“I worked with Rich to create and refine my critical remarks for my 1000 person Annual Meeting. He honed the messaging, chose the perfect words, and then coached me on my delivery style. I was good when we started. Working with Rich made my performance great. Now I engage Rich every year to ensure another successful speech.”

Robert Trojan, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Finance Association

At RZC Impact, we understand that effective presentations accomplish far more than convey factual information. They also serve as catalysts to transform facts into action. By teaching business, corporate, sales, government, political, and non-profit leaders the principles of presentation communication skills, our presentation skills courses and seminars help individuals improve their presentation skills and achieve and exceed established goals and objectives.

As a veteran communicator who honed his skills in high-stakes environments spanning business, corporate, political, and government sectors, RZC Impact Founder and President Richard Zeoli customizes presentation skills trainings to help clients develop and master the art of successful presentations.

Clients who partner with RZC Impact for presentation skills training reap the benefit of:

  • Mock presentation sessions, in which we recreate specific presentation environments and reenact presentations from start-to-finish;.
  • Performance reviews and analysis, during which Richard provides one-on-one feedback on presentations, addressing areas including projection and posture, content and style, impression and rapport, attentiveness and responsiveness, and non-verbal and visual communication.
  • Comprehensive strategy development, in which Richard delivers a complete strategy for polishing presentation skills.

Successful Presentation Skills and Leadership

Successful presentation skills are indispensable to effective leadership and are an essential component of all winning communications strategies. By providing tailored presentation skills coaching, RZC Impact enhances your ability to lead, inspire, and achieve desired results.