Power Presenting

What would you say if I told you that your business is a sales business? In all likelihood, you would politely correct me and explain that your trade is not sales at all, but rather consulting, or contracting, or another industry expertise. In reality, however, you would only be partially correct. Whether your industry is products, services, or even expertise and ideas, and whether your audience is a public corporation, private enterprise, or government entity, the success of your venture depends on your ability to sell your merchandise.

And your ability to sell hinges on your ability to connect and communicate with your audience.

Power Presenting equips professionals to achieve maximum business results by executing polished and persuasive presentations.

Mock Presentation Sessions

The core component of Power Presenting is our mock presentation sessions. As part of our program, we recreate the specific environment in which your professionals communicate. By reenacting presentations from start to finish, we become your audience, absorbing your speech and posing questions that your clients would pose. For maximum effectiveness, these sessions are recorded for joint review and analysis.

Performance Review and Analysis

Following the session, we review the videotape together with you. Specifically, we analyze:

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Glenn Marthens, President and CEO, Milton Terry, Inc.

  • Projection and Posture
  • Content and Style
  • Impression and Rapport
  • Attentiveness and Responsiveness

The vast majority of communication is non-verbal, and visual communication actually accounts for approximately 80% of what your audience absorbs. It is vital, then, that you notonly present the facts and figures of your services but that you also listen toy our audience, connect with their vision, and convey to them the confidence that your business is the solution to their

Comprehensive Strategy Development

Based on the results of the performance review and analysis, we work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for fine-tuning your presentation skills. By discovering your best areas, we help you capitalize on them. And by uncovering any weaker aspects of your presentation, we develop a specific plan for strengthening them. While each plan is different and based uniquely on your professional needs, sample components may include public speaking coaching, individual practice sessions, or even friendly team goal-setting competitions.

With our thorough approach backed by years of experience, we can help you build your business by ensuring that every presentation your team makes is a Power Presentation!