Training Formats

At RZC Impact, our successful history of providing media relations training to executives and prominent leaders in highly-sensitive industries and positions of influence has made us an in-demand authority on delivering comprehensive, sophisticated, and fully-tailored media training solutions targeting traditional, non-traditional, and crisis communication needs.

TV techniques

“Lights, Camera, Action!” Fine preparation for an actor, but as a business professional, you may not have the luxury of even this much advance notice. Are you ready to face the baring eye of the TV camera…anytime and anywhere?

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Radio techniques

Radio is an entirely different medium and must be handled accordingly. Interviews are usually done over the phone and not in the presence of a host. Learn the skills to maximize your opportunity.

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Print techniques

Unlike TV and Radio interviews, print reporters do not always take the message you give them and write a glowing article. Reporters often take notes during an interview and write a story taking many quotes and references out of context. Learn the skills you need to go up against the most experienced journalists.

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