Media Training


Why media training? The answer is easy. Reputation, influence, and the ability to lead effectively often hinge on public perception, and in today’s interconnected world, perception follows media coverage.

Business executives, high-level government officials, political candidates, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders recognize the need to be able to communicate to their constituencies through diverse media channels – such as TV or newspaper interviews – in a manner that is at once compelling, informative, relatable, and trust-generating. To achieve this goal, leaders holding the highest positions of influence and authority within their respective industries turn to RZC Impact for professional media relations training.

Over a Decade of Media Training

With more than a decade of experience coaching individuals in everything from mastering a sit-down TV interview to executing crisis communications strategies following national emergencies, business fallouts, and security threats, RZC Impact offers confidential and customized media training courses that prepare our clients not simply to handle but also to guide and shape any media interaction.

RZC Impact has trained people for appearances on major national shows including CNN American Morning, Larry King Live, Hannity, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and many more.

When you partner with RZC Impact for your media training needs, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive media training program that includes interview tips, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, mock interviews, and one-on-one performance reviews and analysis
  • 100% confidentiality throughout the entire training process.
  • Personal instruction and coaching by RZC Impact Founder and President Richard Zeoli, expert media trainer whose experience includes training candidates for United States Senate, advising a sitting Member of Congress in effective media strategies, and working as a member of the New Jersey governor’s communication office helping shape the state’s official message and response following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Media Relations Training

At RZC Impact, our successful history of providing media relations training to executives and prominent leaders in highly-sensitive industries and positions of influence has made us an in-demand authority on delivering comprehensive, sophisticated, and fully-tailored media training solutions targeting traditional, non-traditional, and crisis communication needs.

TV techniques

“Lights, Camera, Action!” Fine preparation for an actor, but as a business professional, you may not have the luxury of even this much advance notice. Are you ready to face the baring eye of the TV camera…anytime and anywhere?

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Radio techniques

Radio is an entirely different medium and must be handled accordingly. Interviews are usually done over the phone and not in the presence of a host. Learn the skills to maximize your opportunity.

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Print techniques

Unlike TV and Radio interviews, print reporters do not always take the message you give them and write a glowing article. Reporters often take notes during an interview and write a story taking many quotes and references out of context. Learn the skills you need to go up against the most experienced journalists.

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