Executive and CEO Coaching


When the stakes are at their highest, will you be ready?

As a high-profile executive, CEO, or government leader, every day you hold the fate of a business venture, corporate image, or national or international organization in your hands. Your position demands that you be prepared to lead in times of calm and times of crises alike, and the catalyst which determines your success or failure comes down to one word: communication.

Some days your platform is the boardroom; others it is under the intense spotlight of the national media. Master the art of commanding and compelling communication, and you can build legacies that will transcend your lifetime. Fall short, and you risk causing the collapse of corporate empires or experiencing the disgrace of national scandal.

Given these odds, when the stakes are at their highest, will you be ready?

For more than 10 years, Richard Zeoli has coached high-level executives, CEOs, and government officials in the practice of effective communication. Through intense one-on-one speech and messaging training, Rich has helped high-profile business leaders, public officials, and political candidates become better communicators. Richard knows firsthand the impact communication has on a business, an enterprise, even a nation. As part of the office of former New Jersey Governor Donald DiFrancesco, Rich played an intergral role in the Governor’s communications strategy in the days immediately following 9/11.

That point in time, coupled with years of experience working with leaders across the professional spectrum, has given Richard Zeoli insight into what works – and what doesn’t – in the world of high-stakes communication.

Richard Zeoli is committed to sharing his knowledge of successful communication skills with others who move in circles where words chart far-reaching courses and determine the fates of enterprises.

When you contact Richard Zeoli Communications for personalized executive speech coaching, we will work with you to create a custom plan tailored to your specific situation. If you are already an accomplished speaker seeking to sharpen your craft or if you are someone looking for comprehensive communications training, we will design a program specifically for your needs. Whether your goal is to lead more effective board meetings or create a national image for your organization, Richard Zeoli Communications will teach you how to discover and capitalize on your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.

While all consultations and coaching sessions are private and confidential, we guarantee that the results of your enhanced communications skills will leave a lasting and positive impression that no one will be able to ignore.