Crisis Communications

Crisis Communication – The true test of leadership lies in the refining pot of crisis. Whether you lead a company of five or an organization of five thousand, at some point you will be confronted with an unforeseen event that demands your immediate attention and puts your every action under the spotlight of public scrutiny. When that time comes, will you be prepared to respond with confidence and turn the moment of greatest trial into your moment of greatest leadership?

“Every adversity you meet carries with it a seed of equivalent or greater benefit.”

Napoleon Hill

In Crisis Communications, professional speaker, teacher, and communications consultant Richard Zeoli provides personalized training in the key principles of effective crisis communications, Richard knows first-hand the impact communication carries during times of crisis. As a member of the office of a New Jersey governor, Richard played an integral role on the governor’s communications team following the tragic events of September 11th.

Presenting real-life examples from his own years spent advising successful business leaders, key elected officials, and candidates for high levels of public office, Richard shares professional in-depth analysis of both effective and ineffective responses to significant business and political crises. Topics covered in this invaluable training include:

  • Avoiding the “there’s no crisis” syndrome – Why advance preparation is indispensable to effective crisis communications
  • Creating a crisis communications plan – Just as ships are designed with storms in mind, your business blueprints must include detailed plans for handling crises
  • Mastering Internal versus external communication – How interacting with your employees differs from communicating with the media
  • Moving from “response” mode to “direct” mode – How to lead dialogue and create a confident message in the midst of any crisis
  • Wording is everything – How to recognize the difference between “killer words” and “words that kill

Because Richard firmly believes that lasting learning comes only through practice, he combines his teaching with real time crises scenarios in which clients have the opportunity to put these principles into action. You will be put in the “hot seat” with an emergency situation handed to you and only minutes to respond. Based on the your response, Richard will provide an action plan to improve your existing strengths and strengthen any weaknesses.

With professional preparation and focused practice, any individual can learn how to communicate with confidence during times of crisis. Don’t be caught unprepared.